Frank&Fur Toilet Turf Starter Kit


The Frank&Fur premium Toilet Turf is a lush 30mm thick turf specifically designed for pet use and has quickly become a favourite when real grass simply isn’t available or when handling real grass becomes inconvenient for our customers.

Make toilet training a breeze and give your fur babies as close to the real thing as possible. The Premium Toilet Turf is a very lush pet premium artificial turf with superior drainage and COOLplus™ cooling technology unlike any other turf available on the market. We’ve found it was a very easy for for fur babies to transition between this turf and real grass when needed and we’ve found this extremely useful as a primary or backup option for toilet training and solving a very messy problem.

When our Toilet Turf is partnered with our Turf Cleaning Kit, you will always have a fresh loo for your fur baby to take care of their business. With the toilet Turf System, you simply buy it once, then use our cleaning kits to keep it fresh and clean!

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Toilet Turf Starter includes:

Premium Toilet Turf, Infill, 100ml Cleaner (2xCleans) and Free Shipping

If you need a longer lasting solution, are stuck for choice or just need a another option for when you and your fur babies go away, then give the Premium Toilet Turf a try – We source our Toilet Turf from a Local Victorian manufacturer who share our vision of creating premium quality products that are low waste, high quality and made from sustainable raw materials that are kind on our pets and the environment.

This starter is designed for those that already have the loo and just need the Toilet Turf.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 52 × 10 cm