Frank&Fur Soil Free Real Grass – One Pack (Delivered Once)


The Frank&Fur Soil Free Real Grass is one of a kind product.

We grow every Soil Free Real Grass to order using seeds provided by Local Victorian Biodynamic Certified Organic farmers. We grow to order as part of our promise to support local, eliminate unnecessary global waste, excess water use and to ensure you receive a fresh, quality and sustainable supply of our one of a kind Soil Free Real Grass for your Pet Loo.

Our organic Soil Free Real Grass is grown in a custom sized disposable grow tray that is bursting with lush, fresh grass. To set up, remove only the box top, place the grass tray on top of your loo, then push the tray sides down so it slides into the top of the loo.

When it comes to clean up, that’s easy! We don’t over complicate cleaning and we make sure you don’t have to handle the soiled grass. When you need to, lift one side of the disposable grass tray, fold it in half and then throw it in the bin. Wipe the drip tray down then insert the new grass!

We keep our package options simple on purpose: buy a single pack when you need it or buy a four pack, that gets delivered once every week or every fortnight.

The type of pack you need will depend on your fur baby and the frequency of use – weekly supply is standard to keep things fresh, however, some customers can often get away with fortnightly.


Soil Free Real Grass – One Pack (Single) includes:

One Soil Free Real Grass Pack delivered once with Free Shipping

All our Soil Free Real Grass is Grown by Order to minimise global waste, excess water and to ensure you receive the absolute freshest grass. So remember to order early, as you will likely receive your loo before your grass deliveries start arriving on a regular basis!


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 81 × 48 × 10 cm