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Pet Loo + Toilet Turf
Plus Two Starter Cleans

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Includes Free Shipping +
Premium Toilet Turf +
Turf Infill Material +
100ml Cleaner (2xCleans)

Toilet Turf Starter
Plus Two Starter Cleans

Single Price

Includes Free Shipping +
Premium Toilet Turf +
Turf Infill Material +
100ml Cleaner (2xCleans)

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Toilet Turf Cleaner
Four Clean Pack

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Includes Free Shipping +
Turf Infill Material +
200ml Cleaner (4xCleans)

Get to know the details of our Pet Loo + Toilet Turf

Inspired by design

Some pet toilets aren’t very visually appealing. We’ve changed that and have used our years of design expertise to create you functional furniture piece that will compliment any home.

Ample room to move

Guaranteed – your pets won’t hit the mark every time. Our loo measures an enormous 91.5 x 62.5 x 10cm and is significantly larger than most pet toilets.

Designed for pets

Made from very dense 30mm high Australian Made yarns our turf is a mix of green tones that create a truly natural appearance that is not only highly durable but is also extremely soft under paw!

Safe and hypo-allergenic

Using safe and hypo-allergenic materials our turf will not only help to prevent fleas and ticks but it is also safe for those with even the most sensitive skin.

Ammonia reducing infill

Our turf infill consists of naturally occurring minerals known as zeolites which are designed to absorb urine. This absorption prevents the release of ammonia gas and significantly reduces foul odours.

Superior drainage

The backing of our turf contains double perforations to ensure superior drainage of liquids. A puppy pad can also be placed in the tray, under the turf for extra absorption when the loo is inside!

Drain freely or not at all

You don’t want a loo that will leak on your floor. Our drip tray sits on a gentle slope and can either be set up to drain freely or not at all. With a non-porous plastic tray slotted along one end, simply remove the tray and position the slots facing the front to drain or slots facing the rear to stop draining.

Pet safe turf cleaner

The turf cleaner is a high performance enzymatic solution that cleans your turf, combats bad odours and removes stains, simply rinse the turf then wash through with the cleaning solution.. it's that simple!

Cleaning is easy

Simplicity in design – don’t over complicate cleaning. When it’s time to clean turf, simply pop off the back cover, slide out the tray and remove turf, then rinse and soak with cleaner, let it dry, then pour on new infill. Wipe the tray down then insert the clean turf into the loo!

First, set it up.

Purchase a Toilet Turf Starter

1. Remove the loo tray from the loo.
2. Place your toilet turf in the loo tray.
3. Pour turf infill across the top of the toilet turf.
4. Tap the tray so the turf infill falls to the bottom.
5. Insert the finished tray back into the loo.

Then, keep it clean.

Purchase a Toilet Turf Cleaner

Weekly: Using a 1lt spray bottle, dilute 50ml turf cleaner in water and spray the entire surface of the toilet turf while it sits inside the loo.

Monthly: Rinse the old turf infill then soak the toilet turf with 50ml of diluted turf cleaner, pour new turf infill over the toilet turf and tap it in.

COOLplus™ cooling technology

Exclusive COOLplus™ technology is designed to reflect sunlight to make sure the surface temperature of your loo is kept significantly lower than other surfaces even in full sun.

Indoor + outdoor

You need a loo that is built to last. Our loos not only look good but they are are also extremely tough! They are made from a AA Quality Marine Grade Plywood – a timber used to build boats exposed to extremely salty oceanic conditions.