Have you ever heard the phrase ‘an accidental small business’.. well, ours is pretty much one of those.. and we absolutely love it!

I like to tell people our tag line is ’your pets business is our business!’ and I usually find I am met with a slight chuckle complimented by a cheeky eye roll.. but in reality, Frank&Fur really did start as a very unexpected family business that was born out of our own pure selfish need to deal with Frank’s little ‘gifts’.

At the time our problem was that we lived in a third floor small two bedroom apartment with a tiled balcony, in a complex that had no covered pet friendly areas for us to take Frank to the toilet. This left us with two equally unappealing options..

  • Walk Frank to the nature strip across the road, multiple times a day, usually late night and in heavy rain - cold, wet, inconvenient and just outright uncomfortable.
  • Or let him go to the toilet on our small tiled balcony that had no cover, no hose and terrible drainage to make cleaning even more difficult - unhygienic, messy, unpleasant and highly exposed to weather.

In either instance, we weren’t very keen on either option and let’s be honest, who would be?..

So what did we do.. what any sane person would do of course! We asked Dr Google and spent hours scouring the internet and local pet shops searching for a solution which wasn’t a puppy pad, litter tray or pee mat and would fit in with our home decor.. then, out of frustration, we just decided to make our own loo solution.

This led us to launch the Frank&Fur Pet Loo + Real Grass and the Frank&Fur Pet Loo + Toilet Turf systems designed specifically to manage our furbabies waste and suited to be used both indoors or outdoors.

I should note, when we ‘launched’ our Pet Loo, it wasn’t really a ‘launch’ but really just a post to our local social media dachshund page as a way to simply show off the loo we’d made for Frank – and suffice to say, a lot of people loved it and since then it went a little nuts..

Our family has now expanded and we now have three very lovely dashies (Frank, Chloe and Ernie) plus hundreds of very happy customers who’s fur babies religiously use the Frank&Fur Pet Loo to deal with a very messy problem.

We have plenty more planned for everyone and we would love for you to keep an eye out and follow our journey. So make sure you connect with us on social media and stay tuned for more!

- Jake, Anna, Frank, Chloe and Ernie


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